Inner Self Training/Consultations offers personalized complex of Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and Coaching to deal with everyday life to achieve balance, understanding and peace and to reconnect with Self. Training and sessions are designed to empower and to bring inner happiness.
Alexandra is certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (ABH,CHII,USICH-ME, EKAA), Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist (w Brain Weiss), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Therapist (QHHT2, Dolores Cannon), Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Master Practitioner(ABNLP), Time Line Therapy, Coaching to Excellence, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Ham-Sa Yogini and Theta Healing Teacher.


Wow! My visions and recurrent dreams make sense now. Past Life regression was so powerful for me, I can say it changed my life. I feel content and at peace. I am curious to find out more! Namaste 🙂
Peter S.
Cabin crew
I needed help with relationships. I was lost. Sessions with Alexandra helped me to resolve my childhood issues. I disconnected from my parents beliefs and created my own new beliefs. I used affirmations and tools Alexandra recommended. I feel calmer, more at peace and my relationships are much better. I recommend sessions with Alexandra to everybody. She helped me to become happy. Thank you.
Mohammed A.
Chief Engineer
Just one session with Alexandra opened my eyes to new possibilities. I was leaving the session feeling happy and elevated; I haven't felt this for years... I came back for few more sessions and my life has changed. Alexandra told me few tips to apply in my busy life and I am truly grateful for that. Bless you my dear.
Noor A.
Business woman
Having hypnosis sessions with Alexandra has been, not only amazing and enlightening, but I can honestly say ' it has changed my life' for the better!. We are all searching for answers and she somehow manages to help you answer your own questions from within, through hypnosis and through her sessions. We all have the ability to heal ourselves from within but it takes someone truly special to guide us to do this for ourselves! and that is what Alex does! "If you get the inside right the outside will fall into place" Echardt Tolle
Yvette S.
I have known Alex for over 2 years now. The sessions we had helped me tremendously in regaining balance and finding my direction in life.During the sessions Alex used a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation, visualization and angel card reading. I felt at home and peaceful throughout each of our meetings. Some realizations came to me straight afterwards, others a few weeks after.. I became more in tune with what my soul really wants, I gained a clearer understanding where I am and want to be, what my goals are and I have become more mindful of the cues my body and mind are giving me. As a holistic nutritionist, I am well aware of the mind-body-spirit connection in every area of life, from food, weight, wellbeing, work and personal relationships, creativity to happiness, and Alex helped me establish that connection even more strongly. Perhaps the most important lesson for me was realizing that flowing with Life rather than trying to push things my way always takes one amazing places. I feel I am headed towards many wonderful things:) Thank you, Alex. Namaste!
Joanna L.
Holistic Nutritionist
I’ve just received the most thoughtful and amazing gift from my fellow Angel Alexandra. I’m truly overwhelmed and it’s wonderfully special for so many reasons. Thank you soooo much my beautiful. If you need to help yourself and need the best and most passionate therapist. Please contact Alex.
Dawn A.
Professional Photographer
I always know that when I have a referral, Alexandra is the person I always turn to, as the client will have access to a wonderful healing experience. She is the most talented, intuitive and inspiring therapist.
Dr. Owen M.
Maverick, Visionary & Sound Healer

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